Walnut Creek Bathroom Remodel Reveal – Job #352 – Part 2

When we last left Debbie, she had tasked us with remodeling the upstairs bathroom inside her beautiful two-story home. We just finished with that Walnut Creek bathroom remodel and we’re ready to see how it turned out.

When we arrive, Mika rings Debbie’s doorbell, part of her Ring Security System. To our surprise, the doorbell talks to us like a female HAL.

“What is the purpose of your visit?” the voice asks.

“Photo shoot!” Mika declares.

“I’m sorry…I cannot understand that request…if you are here to deliver a package, please leave it on the porch.” Mika looks back at us with a “can you believe this” look on her face. That’s when Debbie opens the door.

“Hi!” She says to Mika and then says “Sorry…I was in the other room.”

“This Alexa doorbell thing is so cute!” Mika says.

Debbie chuckles softly and says, “Yeah, I know, it’s…it’s something.”

As Debbie’s dog barks in a closed-off living room, and “pseudo-Alexa” continues to warn us that the artificial intelligence which runs her will eventually take over, Mika introduces our team which is comprised of myself, Melissa, and Harel, our trusty photographer and we move on into the house.

walnut creek bathroom remodel

“How was your experience?” Mika says, sitting on the couch with Debbie.

“It was great,” Debbie said. “They were very efficient and we love the new room.” She looks at Melissa who stands to my right and says, “Come sit down! Come on! We’ve got chairs!”

Melissa smiles and says “I sit all day…I’m good!”

Debbie turns to Mika and says, “I was joking with Jose yesterday…he was out there, losing up his truck and he was like, ‘Welp, we’re done! We’ll see you on your next project!’ I said — and I was laughing — I said, ‘I bet you thought this was one of those projects that would never end, right?'”

Mika giggles and says, “And a month later, we finished it! Right? I think the only delay was getting that tile you wanted — but it all worked out in the end!”

“I love the way it looks…the shower is beautiful and the closet is perfect,” says Debbie. “And I can’t wait to put stuff in the new closet…hopefully, I’ll have time to do that this weekend!”

Mika hops up and says, “Let’s go take a look!”

Before the remodel, Debbie’s bathroom looked like this:


And here’s Debbie’s bathroom now:


The plan for Debbie’s bathroom remodel was as follows:

  • Remove the tub in the corner.
  • Remove the corner windows.
  • In place of the tub corner, install a big walk-in closet with racks and shelving.
  • Remove the carper and replace with tiling.
  • Take out the shower and add a larger shower with all new walls and tiling and a waterfall faucet.
  • Remove the large bathroom counter and mirrors and reduce it to two sinks and two mirrors.
  • Repaint the walls.

Debbie’s final thoughts?

“I love it so much. This is a much different bathroom than we had and I am thankful for a larger shower. I cannot wait to put our stuff in that closet, which is so inviting, and I love the way the mirrors have lighting behind them! This is just spectacular!”

Stay tuned for more pictures of this finished remodeling project — and be sure to check out our other finished projects as well as more of our remodeling adventures from The Blues Blog!

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