Jobs #6782 & #3838 – Two Cities, Two Customers, Two Kitchens

Mika (right) speaks with our client, Noline (left) at Job #3838 in San Ramon, California.

A few months ago, we were hired to work two kitchen remodeling projects in Pleasanton and San Ramon, two cities located in the Tri-Valley section of the California East Bay just north of the Silicon Valley.

The two projects are now finished and we’re ready to show off our work!

Our first stop is Pleasanton, California!

Job #6782 – Pleasanton, CA

Coming back to Pleasanton always makes me smile. I lived in this town for over 15 years before moving back to San Jose. And our client, Debbie, lives in a neighborhood my aunt used to live in, so coming here is like coming home.

When Debbie, our client, first bought the house in Pleasanton less than a year ago, the design wasn’t exactly her taste.

kitchen remodeling

“I’m a huge HGTV fan,” she says, laughing. “You can probably tell, when you walked into the kitchen and saw everything. The entire living room is white, the kitchen is going to be white, everything is white…it just looks clean. There’s no color. It’s very neutral.”

What made her decide to do this now?

“Well, this isn’t my first remodel,” she says. “I am a huge fan of McGee and Company? You know — Studio McGee? That was the main inspiration I had for this kitchen remodeling project, plus all the time I had. This isn’t my first remodel. The previous house I owned — well, at the time, I was a big Magnolia (streaming service) fan. So, that house looked like the house in that show, Studio McGee.”

“That’s some great inspiration,” I tell her.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone and says, “See that? That’s the ‘Chloe’ tile. That’s from Studio McGee. When I saw that I could have that, I got even more excited! I saw some of the work while it was in progress and I think it already looks great. Plus you guys are putting in shelving I had purchased, so…” she pauses and takes a breath, then says, “I don’t know how it’s going to look, but I’m ready to see it!”


After months of work, this is the finished product…


kitchen remodeling

Our plan was as follows:

  • Remove the granite countertops and put new countertops in.
  • Removal of the two hanging lights above the island
  • Removal and replacement of the cabinets with brand new handles
  • Removal of the bricks around the stove
  • New stove and ventilation system
  • New wall tiling
  • The addition of a microwave oven in the island

Debbie’s final thoughts?

“I think it looks amazing!” She says, grinning. “It looks better than the 3D model you guys made for us.”

With Debbie impressed, it’s time to move on to San Ramon…

(For more photos of the new kitchen, click here.)

Job #3838 – San Ramon, CA

San Ramon is a town which is about ten to fifteen minutes north of Pleasanton, just above Dublin, California.

This is my third time working with Mika who drives up in her red Prius and runs over with a hearty, “Heeeeey! How ya’ doin, Matt?” followed by the requisite, “I got soooo much content for you to post…”

“Give it to me!” I tell her.

She flips through about 50 over her last 1,500 photos on her iPhone and says “There’s a few of the showroom…I think that’s of one recent one we did…there’s a picture of a cat…” She squints and says, “Another cat…there’s lots of pictures of cats…”

“I mean, that’s not all bad,” I say. “Cats sell calendars, posters, and shirts. I’m sure they can get us some clients.”

The two of us are here to meet our colleague, Melissa, and Harel, our photographer who will be taking photos of the kitchen we just finished. But Mika’s still scrolling through her photos.

“There are more cats here than there were at that place in Los Gatos,” she says, shaking her head.

That’s when Harel calls her and Mika’s immediately talking business.

kitchen remodeling

Best I can tell, Harel’s almost there, got caught in traffic, will be there in about five minutes. About four minutes and fifty-seven seconds later, he pulls around the corner and parks his car, right as the clock beeps.

Impeccable timing.

We’re here to meet Noline, our client who hired us to overhaul the kitchen that came with the house when they bought it.


“When we first got this place, a little over two years ago, we had carpeting just about everywhere except the kitchen,” says Noline. “plus it was old carpeting. It was dated. Everything was dated, basically. We wanted to update everything, make it more modern.”

“So, you basically wanted no more carpeting, you wanted all hardwood flooring?”

“Yes,” she says. “The flooring is hardwood, the walls have been repainted and essentially match the design of the kitchen we had in mind.” She points to the kitchen and says, “The kitchen is practically a brand-new kitchen. Everything in there is new. New cabinets, new appliances, new drawers.”

Noline’s inspiration?

“We had the time,” she says. “When the whole pandemic started, everything was very scary. We really didn’t know which way was up but, fortunately, my husband’s job survived and we got very lucky and we thought, hey, no better time than the present to get this done.”

Let’s take a look at the kitchen after we got done with it…


As was mentioned:

  • Brand new appliances almost all the way around.
  • New countertops
  • New cabinets and handles
  • New drawers which shut softly
  • Wall tiling in the back

And the living room?



As Noline mentioned, we tore out the carpet and put in new hardwood flooring. This is also the story for the entire first story of the house itself.

“I really like the results,” says Noline. “It gives everything a much cleaner, simpler look. More modern. It’s just beautiful.”

(For more photos of the kitchen, living room, and house, click here.)

That was our week! We’ll have more story posts coming soon at The Blues Blog!

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